MikeInscho.FIT is proud to offer a unique approach to coaching, training, and getting in to the shape you deserve.

For less than a cost of a week of personal training sessions you can become an online coaching client. 

As a client I become your personal fitness concierge service. You tell me where you want to go and I give you the plan to get you there. Each part of your comprehensive program is just that...YOURS. No two people have the same starting point or ending point...so why should they be on the exact same path?

Armed with your 100% personalized and digitally available plan, you’ll earn back your freedom of when and where you get to workout. If that’s 4am at a globo-gym...great! 11pm in your garage sandwiched between project cars...no problem! On the tropical beach at sunrise surrounded by beautiful people...even better, but I’ll kindly ask that you bring me along too.

Alright, how does it work? What do I get?

Initial Assessment

  • Complete breakdown of your goals and a long term plan to get you there

  • Full discussion about your health history and current physical capabilities

  • What motivates you? What turns you off? Basically, nailing down what makes you tick so the program we build for you sets you up for success

Custom Training Program

  • Training sessions that are tailored your goals, priorities, current abilities

  • Minimum of three phases over three months to keep you progressing and to ensure you don’t feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over and over again

  • Exercises will be prescribed in the order that will give you the most benefits. Sets, reps, rest, and tempo prescriptions will tagged with each exercise

Personalized Nutritional Program

  • Customized macronutrient distribution based on where you’re at now and where you want to be

  • Quick reference guides for portion sizes and best food options on the go

  • Guidance and coaching to help you make the best choices while in transit, during extended times away from home, and any other scenarios out of your normal routine

Workout Tracking, Motivation, and Personal Accountability

  • Regularly scheduled check-ins to ensure your on track and to squash any minor annoyances before they turn into major issues

  • Access to your training plan, nutritional guidance, and messaging via my training software (available on desktop, iOS, and Android)

My Personal Email Address

  • Questions about supplements, different exercises, or meal prep? I’m here for your success.

  • New beach vacation plans? Join an adult sports league? Tweak your back? Your plan will be adjusted accordingly.

  • I’ll be your guide the entire time. If you any questions at all you can ask them and get a detailed answer.