Mistakes I've Made That F#cked Up My Strength - Part 2

Talk to anyone who works out and you inevitably hear a few things that seem fairly innocent, but in reality are 100% bullshit. If it's someone who just started out you can't fault them. A lot of these things take time to figure out and even more of them have to be actively searched out. In the last post I talked about machines and how it's how most beginners start out. And like I said in that post, there is nothing inherently wrong with that. The thing is, until you get away from the machines and move up to free weights you will always be considered a beginner.

Even worse than being a beginner is that you won't make any progressSadly, as soon as people make the switch from machines to free weights they start chasing certain "indicators" that they think are markers of a good workout.

Things like...

  1. Judging the effectiveness of a workout based on how much they sweat.
  2. Chasing soreness, thinking that if they can walk out of the gym without pain or soreness then it wasn't a good workout.
  3. Doing rep after rep after rep until they "feel the burn baby!"

Again, if they're just starting out, these things seem logical and like things that would show them that they are on the right track.

I'm just as guilty as anyone in this area. When I moved from Upstate New York to Georgia, I didn't change my training, but when I'd be drenched in sweat only 10 minutes into my workout in Georgia I felt like I was really getting after it.

When I was in high school, my friends and would constantly try to show each other up and show the others that we worked out harder than them. The soreness was a badge of honor that you pushed yourself past your limits and were stronger.

Soreness is a part of training, and if your training is any good, there will be times that you end up being fairly sore. But these times aren't after every workout. Being sore is not the goal of training, yet plenty of people still chase it on a daily basis and judge the effectiveness of their workouts on whether or not they can sit on the toilet the next day.

It's a psychological thing. The soreness is happening right this second, you know almost immediately if you pushed yourself farther than you're used to. Taking a slower approach, one that allows you to actually be active outside the of the gym, doesn't offer that immediate feedback.

The lazy can't handle waiting that long. The undisciplined would rather run themselves into the ground today and feel like they are making progress then pull back on the reins a hair and make slow, consistent progress.

Don't chase soreness. It indicates nothing other than you're body is healing an acute injury. If soreness was the indicator of a good workout that everyone thinks it is, then stop by my gym so I can beat you with a baseball bat and give you "the best workout of your life."


In the Average Joe to Alpha Male training program we have created workouts that are both physically demanding and mentally challenging. Some soreness after the more demanding workouts is expected. But the methodical approach to progress that we outline means that it will have zero affect on the rest of your life.

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