Sweet Potato Hash

Have you noticed that I've been on a sweet potato kick lately?? Well if you haven't, it should be painfully obvious by now.

Since this is such a simple recipe I'm keeping this post short and sweet. Here is what you'll need...





- 1 Sweet Potato, peeled

-As much garlic as you consider necessary. I went with about 2-3 cloves

-Olive oil/butter/bacon fat. Either one will do


To start, peel the potato and then grate the hell out of that bastard. If you have a food processor with a grater attachment I highly recommend that you use it. In the process of grating this potato I almost lost all the skin on my knuckles. Who knew that grating sweet potatoes would be so damn risky?


In the skillet, start browning the garlic in your fat of choice. It should only take a few minutes on medium/high heat. Once you can smell the tastiness of the garlic toss the potatoes in there too.


Now the most important part. Grind a whole bunch of black pepper and sea salt on to the potatoes. I like my pepper ground like Sterling Archer likes his sand....coarse.

Now let it cook. Don't stir it too much, you want the bottom to crisp up and almost stick together. About 5-7 minutes on medium is good depending on how many sweet potatoes you decided to cook.


After 5-7 minutes you can stir it up a bit and then repeat. It won't take long for the bits of potato to actually cook, but if you want to get the tasty, crispy bits you have to let it sit for a little while.

Once it's as crispy as you want it, toss it in a bowl and eat as a side with some Paleo Kitchen Sink Slop topped with guacamole and lime.