Sprints + Bodyweight: AKA Get Your Ass Outside

Today we have a straight up workout article for two reasons...

1) Since Friday I've been too busy watching the Track and Field events of the Olympics. And the Mens 200 (arguably my favorite event) starts today, for those who give a damn.

2) It's the tail end of summer. The ability to chill outside for the sole reason being "it's summer" is slowly falling away. And that makes me a sad Mike.

Everything outside is better than it's counterpart that is done inside. Example...would you rather cook in your kitchen or fire up your grill to cook some dead animals?

What about working on your sick tan...tanning booth by yourself or on the beach where you can people watch?

Or sleeping. Seriously, have you ever slept under the stars? Incredible.

And lastly, sex. The beast with two backs, bumping uglies, the bad touch. Now, of course it's fun in/all over your house. But the possibility of getting spotted by a hobo or attacked by a bear make it sooooo much more exciting.

What, am I the only one???

Anywho, back on track, getting outside because you can and should. I get a lot of questions from people about how exactly they should workout and how they can make it more enjoyable. Not everyone enjoys the process all of the time (me included), so having a fun workout that is still effective that you can do is crucial to staying in shape.

So...here it is... the "Get Your Ass Outside" workout...


1) Warmup (from KINETIC: Phase 1)

2a) 100m Buildup Sprint* 2b) 10 Proper Pushups 2c) 10 Knee-Grabs Rest 60s

3a) 200m Buildup Sprint 3b) 20 Proper Pushups 3c) 20 Knee Grabs Rest 60s

4a) 100m Buildup Sprint 4b) 10 Proper Pushups 4c) 10 Knee-Grabs Rest 3m Repeat up to 4 times.

*Explained in KINETIC: Phase 1

Here is the best part of this workout...it can be done anywhere that you have open space to run. Of course a track would be the easiest, and most ideal location for this. But you can just as easily do it on a football field (just go down and back for the 200m) or a 50m patch of grass/beach/parking lot.

If you're out of luck and only have a short patch of open space, switch out the buildup sprint for shuttles. So the 200m buildup sprint would become a 50m shuttle where you go down and back twice.

This concept of sprinting coupled with basic bodyweight exercises is all you need to stay in shape when you're out of your normal gym or just want to do something totally different without having to put too much thought into it.

Why are you still here??? Get your ass outside!