SOF Truths as Alpha Male Truths


Check out any blog, newspaper, or random facebook post these days and you're likely to stumble across something along the lines of... "OMGZ those Navy SEALS are soooooo hardcore. I want to be just like them and piss excellence!!1"


"Green Berets. So badass. I'm going to go join so I can spend my days assassinating terrorists and my nights plowing a stable of Eastern European mistresses."

Can't forget the go-to line for everyone who tried and failed...

"Yeah, bra, I was like thiiissss close to graduating but the instructors failed me because they knew I would make them look bad. I'm just too fucking awesome."

Regardless of any of this bullshit these people spew, there are still actual operators out there doing this dirty work day in and day out. Without feeling the need to talk up just how bad ass they are to anyone and everyone around them.

The Green Berets call themselves "The Quite Professionals" because, honestly, they don't need the admiration from randos in the bar or on the street.

It's just like how the dog that barks the most is the least likely to attack you. It's all a show. Posturing themselves to be seen as dangerous, when in reality they aren't.

But the dog that just stares at you, ears pinned back, with tension running through out his muscles...he's the real danger. No need to posture or prance around. He's about to fuck you up. And if he's the only one that knows it...oh well.

This is the same with Alpha Males and Alpha Females. The people running around puffing their chest out, talking loud, and generally acting like obnoxious douche-bags are really just...obnoxious douche-bags.

Too many people have seen the no talent ass clowns of the Real World, The OC, and The Jersey Shore get elevated to celebrity status for doing absolutely nothing. It's a sad day when these types of people are seen as "Alpha" for the sole reason that they are loud, violent, and/or vain.

They don't contribute to the group. They don't lead anyone. And they most certainly did not do anything worthy of being elevated to that status.

I've said it over and over again... a true Alpha is more like the dog you need to actually worry about. They don't mistake loudness for authority, and they don't confuse empty threats with actual ability.

True Alphas are modeled from the same type of mold that Green Berets are created from. They have similar mindsets and see things in almost the same way.

Obviously, all of the different types of special forces from all of the branches are the cream of the crop of Alphas. But, everyday Alphas in the gym, the office, and in the classroom all have an understanding of these "Truths" of Special Operation Forces...even if they've never actually read them.


Humans are more important than Hardware

When you're talking strictly about combat (real fucking combat, not a game) you need to know that it doesn't matter how many fancy weapons you have or how much gear you have access to. What matters is the person in control of it. Guns don't kill people, people kill people with guns.

On the "civilian" side, this goes along with the obnoxious douchebag thinking he's Alpha because of the clothes he wears, the car he drives, or the liquor he drinks.

Lesson: A true Alpha will always be an Alpha because of what is in their head and how they act. Not what shit they fill their house with or drinks they put on their credit card. Practice humility, self-confidence, and leading from the front.

Quality is better than Quantity

The Green Berets training pipeline is 2+ years of grueling days and challenging nights, just to get to the point where you can say you are a Green Beret. After that, it's still constant strain and struggle to be worthy of being on the team and performing at the standard that's been set before them.

This means that fighters of this caliber can not be mass produced. If they were to try mass producing them, it would quickly become the Average Forces and not worthy of anything.

For us regular folks, this is similar to actually going through some hard times in life and then coming out on top on the other side. Someone who has experienced nothing but cushy abundance and never ending line of "yes-men" will have no idea what it's like to deal with legitimately tough times. Much less have the ability to push through and succeed.

Lesson: Seek challenges and things that make you uncomfortable. When you've done that once, do it again. And again. And again. Never stop seeking out what makes you uncomfrotable and then making yourself confident in your abilities to handle it.

Clearing operation in Babakashan province
Clearing operation in Babakashan province

Special Operations Forces cannot be mass produced

Same as above. Only a certain select few can reach the level of a true Alpha. And not just by standing around waiting for it to be handed to them. There is a process, and a shit ton of hardwork that comes before you even get close to the level you need to be at to be considered a true Alpha.

Lesson: Start right fuckin' now. This is not an over night process, and most likely will take years to fully development. But when you get the ball rolling today you'll see progress in a few weeks, and that will roll in to more progress over and over again until it's 2 years down the road and you've made consitent progress the entire time. This is where you see the people who deserve to lead and the people who can take care of those who follow.

Competent Special Operations Forces cannot be created after emergencies occur

Again, this ties into the last point. It's a process. And a long one at that.

Lesson: Be proactive. Not reactive. Laying in the hospital after getting beat by a mugger is not the time to decide to learn how to defend yourself. Choose where you want to be in life, and everyday from here on out take the steps to get you to that destination.

Most Special Operations require non-SOF assistance 

Nobody can do anything worthwhile all on their own. All "self-made" men have had some assistance along the way and even if they tried to do it all on there own it would have taken much, much longer to get where they are.

Lesson: Be grateful to those who help. It might not be obvious at first who helped, but when you take a second to analyze your progress you'll see where you would have stumbled if you hadn't gotten help from somwhere.

What lessons, or creeds, or mottos do you use to guide your life as an Alpha?


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