Paleo Kitchen Sink Slop

If you've read more than a few of these "Fat Boy Friday" posts you've probably noticed that I'm a pretty lazy cook. More accurately I'm a lazy dish washer. My stance is why would I use multiple pans, pots, and dishes when I could just use one. If it made sense to cook and eat in the same dish you can bet your ass I'd be doing that.

Well, the recipes have been pretty crockpot heavy lately, so I figured why not switch it up a bit. It's still a one dish meal, but this one is so customizable that I could easily fill an enter year worth of Fat Boy Friday with variations.

To start off, just grab a skillet and your cooking fat of choice. I'll usually rotate between bacon fat, butter, and ghee depending on what I have lying around. Olive oil used to be a staple, but I've seen lately that butter and ghee have a much, much better effect on my body, so I've pretty much phased it out.

For this particular meal I went with ground sirloin, peppers, onions, and a few eggs. But, like I said, this is 100% customizable depending on your tastes, cravings, and what you have just lying around. Basically, pick a meat, pick some veggies, and add some eggs if you're feeling up to it.


To start, melt the fat and then toss the veggies in. You're not looking to cook them all the way through just yet, so when the onions start to get translucent you're cleared to toss in the meat. It's going to be a bit different depending on the meat you use, but when I use beef I keep the heat right at medium.

This is the hard part...DO NOT KEEP STIRRING. You can stir every once in a while, but doing too much will keep everything from browning (read: tasting fucking tasty). Let it sit until the meat is about half way cooked, then you can stir it around to make sure it cooks evenly.


Now that it's almost done, it's time to toss a few eggs on top. Again, stirring too much will mess with the end product, and even though it'll look similar it won't taste as good. Let this sit as is, until the eggs are only a minute or two from being done. Now you can mix and mash and stir all you want.


Forgive the harsh lighting and the mess of cables in the background, I was starving and just wanted to eat. The meal only takes about 10 minutes total to cook and, like I've mentioned about million other times, is easy to adjust to fit whatever cravings your having or macros you need to meet.

If you already make something like this, drop your recipe and ingredients of choice in the comments below.