My 3 Balls

I have 3 balls. These balls go with me everywhere that I go. When I go to the gym, they're there. When I walk down to the beach, they are in tow. When I go to work, I carry them with me. If I'm going on vacation, they are the first thing I pack.


These balls are an essentially a part of me that I refuse to leave behind. No matter the circumstances, these balls are mine and they mean the world to me.

They mean so much to me that I can't fathom the thought of keeping them hidden for any longer.

Here...look at my balls...


What balls did you think I was talking about? pervert.

Why I Carry These Balls

These tools (I'll refer to them as tools from here on out because I'm pretty sure I've used more than my fair share of references to my own genitals for the year) each have their own purpose when it comes to improving my physical abilities.

Let's start it of right and show you the biggest one first.

The Softball

I use this bad boy for rolling out my legs in place of a foam roller. There is nothing wrong with a foam roller, but after using one for almost a year I got to the point where even the hardest ones weren't doing it for me.

Plus carrying around a giant hunk of solid foam started to become a pain in the ass. So in comes the softball.

This is an indoor softball, so it's a tad bit softer than the regulation ball used for games, which will make using it at first a bit less painful. At this point I've used it for 3-4 months and will probably move to a regulation softball here pretty soon.

The best part of the softball is that it allows you to get into the nooks and crannies of where your glute and hamstring meet. For me, my booty is too bootylicious for a lacrosse ball or baseball to do any good. The softball is the perfect size to put enough pressure on the trigger points in the deep part of the upper hamstring/lower glute and small enough to be able to justify carrying it along in your carry on when traveling.

Lacrosse Ball

Like I mentioned earlier, the lacrosse ball is a bit too small for me to use on my entire leg. For some of you it might work just fine, but again, my booty is just too much for the lacrosse ball to make a difference for me.

With that being said, it's still a fantastic tool for the upper body and the foot. In the past few months I've begun sprinting much more than I have since high school, so the bottoms of my feet are a tad bit sore.

Fun fact - the bottom of your feet are some of the most concentrated areas of nerve endings in your body and your foot is made up of 20 individual muscles and 26 bones. By simply rolling out the trigger points of those muscles you can ease some pain and discomfort you might be feeling farther up your legs.

When I'm not using it on my feet I'm pressing it between my upper trapezius and the wall to keep my back/neck in tip-top shape.

Racquet Ball

This little fella is my all day, everyday companion pretty much. If I'm not bouncing it off of the wall, practicing my crossover, or tossing it back and forth between my hands I'm squeezing the shit out of it.

Does bouncing it up and down help my hand-eye coordination? Maybe, but honestly I usually just do it to pass the time.

Squeezing it though, is purely for improving my grip strength. Obviously it's not as impressive as rolling up a frying pan, but rolling up frying pan after frying pan can get pretty damn expensive!

I simply just squeeze it a bunch of times with all of my fingers, then work my through using my pointer-middle and then my ring-pinky. After that I'll attempt each finger individually. It gets harder as you move from the pointer through to the pinky, but that's the idea. Doing this while reading, driving, or just sitting in a meeting will most definitely help your grip strength.