Task, Purpose, Effect


No. I did not recently die a freak gasoline fight accident. Nor did I get crushed to death while enjoying an orgy made up of greased up midget's.

As a matter of fact I've spent the last 2+ weeks in Fort Bragg, the home of the US Army Special Forces, going through some sweet training. I'm all about priorities of work and, sadly, this site and newsletter have been put on the back burner until I can complete this training.


I had a few free minutes last night and felt the need to share a lesson that is currently being hammered into my thick skull all week. It is, obviously, best applied to my work in combat but I feel it carries over into every other aspect of life that you have control over.


You've more than likely heard it a few different ways before. Though, sometimes it just takes a minor adjustment to the message to really make it stick for some people.

The lesson is to always know your Task, your Purpose, and your Effect....

Your Task

A piece of work to be done or undertaken.

What are you doing? This is your task.

Sometimes it's lifting heavy shit. Other times it's running hill sprints. And still others it's sitting in a tub of ice water to recuperate from a hard week. You can look at each individual day as a task. Or, and this is the approach I'm taking, you can group it all together. However you choose to look at it, you need to make sure that the task you're doing is consistent with the effect that you want to see.

Your Purpose

The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists

Or your goal. Or your ending point. Or whatever else you want to call it. This is what you want to achieve after you've completed your task and done it in a way that fits your purpose.

In the normal fitness frame of mind this will usually be something like dropping 5 pounds of fat, putting 20 pounds on your deadlift, or getting some sick abz that will give you the ability to put off buying a washing machine for a while.

While those goals are all fine and dandy, this way of laying out your goals is more conducive to things that are more encompassing of athletic ability. Something like dropping .3 seconds off your 100m time, putting 6 inches on your vertical jump, or decreasing the time it takes for your heart rate to drop back around 120 bpm.

Your Effect

A change that is a result or consequence of an action or other cause

The end state. This is what happened as a result of everything you did that was in line with your Task and your purpose.

If you're task was intermittent fasting and the purpose was to drop excess body fat so you could be ready for a bodybuilding show, then the effect that you're looking for would have been a decrease in fat mass, increase or maintenance of lean mass, and not having the feeling that you're straight up starving yourself.

This is where you take a step back after you've done what you needed to do and make sure that it actually worked. Being able to objectively look at what you did and be honest with yourself as to whether your actions helped you reach your goals, or pushed you away from your goals, is the entire point behind this step.

There you have it...

Is this the only way to go about making yourself Alpha? Absolutely not. But it is a way that I've never seen before, and can safely assume that most of you awesome bastards who read this site haven't seen before either.

Now, I want you all to drop a comment below about your current training program. Or, if you don't want it out in the open, email me at Mike@AlphaMaleFTS.com and we'll chat about it.


Chess, Win

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