Find The Will to Accomplish Anything


So today is the day that it's customary to go through a list of things that you're thankful for. Well...fuck that.

Call me the Hipster of Thanksgiving 2012 because that stuff is done by everyone and it's always the same three things. Family, health, happiness. Or something along those lines.

Mine would be a short list anyways...

  • Good beer
  • Thick steaks
  • Strong coffee
  • Sloppy blow jobs

That's it. Hey...I'm a simple man.

This isn't going to be 500 words of me bitching about how mainstream this holiday has become. Au contraire my Alphas. This is about making yourself better than yesterday. This is about becoming a better version of yourself.

Today I want you to do one simple thing.

You're going to think of the one single thing that will keep you going no matter what type of situation you find yourself going through.

Check out this excerpt from "4 Key to Mental Toughness"...

When you are in something for just yourself it's too easy to stop and quit.

You can rationalize, make excuses and just plain forget and nobody will know the difference or even care.

But when you do it for someone or something else, guilt forces you to march on. Don't be afraid of guilt, use it to your advantage.

Ask anyone who has ever been deployed with the military what got them through deployment and I guarantee it was family. Whether it was a newborn child they'd never met before, a brand new wife/husband, or even Mom and Dad waiting with a 6-pack for when they got back, family drives the desire to get back safe.

If you fail, your family is shamed forever.

If you die, you're child grows up without ever knowing you existed.

Having that big, deep-rooted motivation will drive you on to do anything. No matter how physically hard or dangerous it is.

It will get done.

This is where you put on your big boy pants and pick something real. Nothing about "getting sick abz brah" or "getting totally freakin' swolerific". Real. Goals.

That's your homework for the day. Find the one thing that will keep you moving forward no matter what. It's not easy, you'll need to put some time and legitimate thought into this.


Happy Thanksgiving Alphas...keep the ass kicking in high gear.

Climb, Greatness