Crockpot Chipotle Chicken

Time is money right? Damn straight. The time you can save by cutting out unnecessary things is crucial to enjoying life. Given that I live 300 yards from the beach and it's been in the upper 70s and climbing for the last two weeks I'm looking to save as much time as I can.

A guy's gotta work on his tan for summer...right???

That's as close to a GTL reference that you'll ever get out me, promise.

Getting outside and getting some natural vitamin D is something every needs to do more of. But this post isn't about how incredibly awesome working out on the beach and the mass amounts of vitamin D you get from it.'s about chicken. And a crockpot. And using the crockpot to cook the chicken so you can do other, more important things.

The beauty of this recipe is that you don't really need set amounts of each ingredient. As long as it all fits in the crockpot you're good to go. I've done up to 4.5 pounds of chicken breast in mine and never had an issue.

So for this one you're going to need. What I used for this particular round is in parenthesis, so you have something to base you're recipe off of.

  • Chicken (2.25 pounds, 3 breasts)
  • Chicken Stock (Didn't use it this time, but HIGHLY recommend it. About .25 - .5 of a cup)
  • Onion(s) (1 medium, diced)
  • Garlic (4 cloves, diced)
  • Ground Chipotle (enough to cover the top, 2 tablespoons maybe?)

Put the chicken at the bottom of the crock pot, spread the garlic over top of it, toss in the onion, then sprinkle as much seasoning as you want on it.

Put the crockpot on low and set a timer for 4-5 hours. When it's done you'll be able to just pull it apart with two forks. Either leave the breasts as is, or shred them up and mix it up with the onions.

That's it. About 10 minutes worth of prep, 4 hours of waiting, and then another 10 minutes to shred it. You can't beat that.


About an hour into cooking


All shredded and ready to be enjoyed...