Getting Stronger

Testosterone in a Bowl

See that guy to the left? This is what he eats for every single meal. Then he washes it down with the blood of a freshly killed unicorn. After that it's some Ben and Jerry's for desert, because it makes him feel fancy.

Ok...some (all) of that might be a tad bit of an exageration. But, what is NOT an exageration, is the fact that you can increase the amount of testoserone by simply choosing to eat some certain foods.

This dish wasn't made specifically to increase testosterone, in fact I'm sure this dish has been around for freaking ever. But if you're as thick-headed as I am sometimes you probably never put two and two together.

What'll you need is some red meat, garlic, onions, butter, guacamole, and spices. Everything except the guacamole and the spices I chose have been observed causing an increase in testosterone. And that's not even saying that they don't, it's just saying that I haven't seen the research.

I don't measure things, so that's why there aren't any quantities below. Here is what I used...

Ground Sirloin

Diced Garlic

Diced Onion

Organic Butter



Chipotle Chili Powder


These links are a few of the choiceresources that I've come across. Of course, this is still all theory for the most part, especially the garlic and onions. But it's still fucking why not eat it anyways?


Start by sautéing the garlic and onions it a shit ton of organic butter. If you wanted to go with bacon grease here that'd be just as good, and probably a bit tastier too. It's all up to sexy beast you.


When the onions are about half way done you can toss the meat on top and then add copious amounts of your spices. If you wanted to add a bit of fat burning to this meal so crushed red pepper would work perfectly. Make sure that leave the meat alone so it can brown. I didn't think this step would make huge difference, but let me tell you it does....a lot. As long as you don't completely forget about it you won't burn it, so don't worry.

You could also use chicken or pork for this recipe, but they don't have the same testosterone boosting qualities as red meat. If you're afraid of that pink slime bullshit that some stores put into their ground meat you have two options...1) buy flank steaks (or other types of steak) and slice it up, or 2) buy ground meat that specifically says "ground sirloin" or "ground chuck".


While the meat is finishing up cook some eggs. You're call on the method. I prefer scrambled because I'm too impatient to go for sunny side up. If you're skillet is non-stick, or you don't mind working to scrub the egg out of it, you can even cook it all in the same skillet. As a dude this method appeals to me because it's one less thing I have to clean.


When it's all done throw it in a bowl and top with a crap load of guacamole. That's it!

Lamest Workout Ever

This workout is NOT sexy... This workout is NOT new... This workout is NOT fun... This workout would make a horrible YouTube video... If you're intrigued, click-through to find out more about one the most effective builders of strength, stamina, and character.

Congratulations... you're not one of those people who is doing a certain exercise because it looks cool or sexy. That, or you see the errors in your thinking and are looking to turn the corner.

You spend a good amount of your time working on your strength and building your speed. If you're on the right track already, you're doing all of this with movements that work the entire body at the same time.

Nobody cares if you can leg press 1000 lbs. That's about as impressive as riding a tricycle.

Are you ready for this secret workout that is the lamest you'll ever come across? it is.

Ruck March

Or backpacking. Or hiking. Or loaded carries. Whatever you want to call it.


Here is the gist of it...

Step 1) Find something, or somethings, heavy

Step 2) Put heavy things in a bag

Step 3) Put bag filled with heavy things on your back and then walk.

"But if it's that simple it can't be effective!"

Bullshit. Go walk a mile with 20 pounds in your pack. Too easy? Bump the weight up to 30 pounds. Still too easy? Make it for 5 miles.

Just from that simple walk you'll get stronger traps from taking the brunt of the load on your shoulders. You'll strengthen your abs and lower back as you sway with each step, and stabilize yourself so you don't tip over. You're upper and middle back will strengthen as you flex and adjust to keep the pack balanced and centered.

Just from picking up the pack to shoulder it you'll see more strength in your legs, shoulders, abs, traps, and back.

Now walk. Feel your calves, quads, hamstrings, and glutes getting stronger as they carry your body plus the extra weight. You don't even need to run. Walking at a pace where you can talk will be difficult in no time.

Start low and light. Like I said, 20 pounds is more than enough for your first ruck. If you're completely out of shape I'd even say go lower. Each week you'll make improvements, so don't feel like you need to go ruck across town and back with 50 pounds of gear.

Make it your Saturday ritual. Grab some coffee, put the leash on Fido, head out the door and just walk. Hell, make it a couples thing if your girlfriend is into this sort of thing.


All of those douchebags who say that they are training like a Navy SEAL or a Green Beret, aren't. Grab a heavy pack, go for a walk, build your body. But more importantly build your character, become the most mentally tough version of yourself that you can be.

Don't quit, keep moving.

4 Tactics to Gain Super Human Speed

So, this article was originally written for Steve Kamb and his fitness nerd empire over at Nerd Fitness. Since Steve is notorious for being awesome and traveling all over the world it took him some time to get back to me. Anywho, Steve is back from running around the world and randomly playing James Bond, so this article has been moved to Nerd Fitness. Just click below to go there now.

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